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John Carpenter’s The Ward (2010) หวีดลั่นวอร์ด

John Carpenter’s The Ward A young woman named Tammy who was one of the patients at the Coos Bay Psychiatric Hospital, located in rural Oregon, is assaulted by an unknown force at night.

Kristen ( Amber Heard), an unruly young woman, set fire to an abandoned farmhouse and was arrested. The police in the area take her to Coos Bay, where she gets to know the other patients in the ward. There are four women: creative Iris ( Lyndsy Fonseca) and attractive Sarah ( Danielle Panabaker), crazy Emily ( Mamie Gummer), and child-like Zoey ( Laura-Leigh). Kristen is taken to a space that was previously occupied, by Tammy whom she calls her close friend. She meets Dr. Stringer ( Jared Harris). Kristen admits to Dr. Stringer that she can’t recall any specific details from her past. After being assaulted by the horrifically deformed man who had stared at her in the past, she tells the nurse, and receives intense electroshock therapy. John Carpenter’s The Ward HD

To uncover the secrets of Iris’s memories To unlock Iris’s secrets, Dr. Stringer uses Hypnotherapy. Iris is then killed through the transorbital lobbyomy by the persona. Kristen is able to find Iris sketch of her attacker with the name of ‘Alice Hudson’ who was a former patient of the hospital. Kristen and Emily attempt to escape Iris that night. But, Kristen is thwarted by Alice, and loses consciousness while Emily is caught.

Alice kills Sarah. Kristen finds out that Alice had repeatedly hurt all the girls, and then killed Sarah together. She is now after the girls for revenge. Kristen tries her best to convince Emily to not commit suicide, but Alice cuts her throat with a scalpel. Kristen is planning to get away by securing Zoey as a fictitious hostage, but she is drugged and placed in a straitjacket. Kristen escapes and she along with Zoey attempt to escape. Zoey gets murdered by Alice off-screen. Kristen appears to have been able to take out Alice after an extended chase. The file of Alice is found within Dr. Stringer’s office, which includes all of the girls’ names and even Kristen herself.

Dr. Stringer catches Kristen in his office and reveals that she is actually one of the many characters from Alice Hudson. Kristen was removed eight years ago at the age of eleven and held for two months in the basement of the same farmhouse Kristen was burned to the ground. To survive the trauma, she was diagnosed with multiple personality disorders, creating each one of the girls from the ward with a unique personality. Alice was overwhelmed by the personalities of the other girls and lost her personal identity. Dr. Stringer attempted experimental techniques to bring Alice’s individual character back. The result was the manifestation of Ghost Alice that took over the personality of each one at a time. The treatments worked until the appearance of ‘Kristen’ as a ploy by Alice’s mind to shield the other personalities so she wouldn’t have to confront her trauma.

When she is getting ready to leave the hospital, Alice takes a suitcase and all her belongings. When she opens the medicine cabinet over her sink, Kristen lunges out at her.


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