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Dracula Untold (2014) แดร็กคูล่า ตำนานลับโลกไม่รู้

Dracula Untold 2014

Dracula Untold Vlad Draculea was the Prince of Wallachia, and Transylvania in the 15th Century. The place where he was born was the the ward palace of the Sultan . As as a young man, his job was to train as a soldier in the elite Janissary corps of the Sultan. There, they grew to become their most terrifying warrior. After killing thousands with spears, he was referred to as Vlad the Impaler and Son of the Dragon. He then became disgusted by his own actions and left his past behind.

Vlad and his troops as well as the Ottoman Scouting party are getting ready for the his troops and the Ottoman scouting party are now preparing for. Broken Tooth Mountain is located at the top of the stream. It’s a cave with broken bones. Vlad’s family is killed when they are attacked by a speedy and massive humanoid in the dark. Vlad barely escapes and returns to his castle, where he learns from the local monk that the creature is vampire and an ancient Roman from the days of the Empire named Caligula who was duped by a demon in order to obtain personal glory and power, but was trapped in the cave as a price for this. Vlad and Mirena are celebrating the holiday with an Easter feast. A large Ottoman group is at Vlad’s castle. Vlad provides them with the standard tribute in silver coins, however the emissary would like to pay an additional tribute of 1,000 young men to be trained as Janissaries. Vlad refuses. Mirena believes that Vlad can convince Sultan Mehmed II to show mercy. Vlad accepts to be in the instead of the boys; however, Mehmed is not willing and demands the son of Vlad as well.

Vlad recognizes the threat of war and goes back to Broken Tooth Mountain Cave to seek help from the vampire. The vampire warns him that there are consequences and offers him some of his blood, which can temporarily grant Vlad the powers of a vampire. If he resists the intense desire to consume human blood for three days he will turn back into a human. If he does not, he will be a vampire forever, and the ancient vampire will be liberated and the seal of his cave broken because he has given the darkness a worthy offering to plague the world with his own blood. Vlad is willing to accept the offer. He discovers that he has the ability to transform into bats in a cloud. When he returns to Castle Dracula, the Ottoman army takes over the castle, but Vlad single-handedly kills them all. Vlad is then sent to send the majority of the castle’s inhabitants to Cozia Monastery for safety.

Mirena discovers about Vlad’s curse when she sees Vlad holding silver to remain weak around his subjects. This is to stop him from revealing his condition or attacking the people with blood. Vlad’s sudden strength increase is viewed as suspicious by his fellow citizens.

In the evening that night, the Ottoman army is advancing on the monastery. Vlad commands a large swarm of bats to fend off the. However, the soldiers are actually an insidious force that permits some Turks to enter the monastery, kill many people, and abduct Ingeras. Mirena versucht to defend her son but is thrown off the wall of the monastery. Despite his superhuman speed, Vlad cannot reach her in time. Dying, Mirena pleads with Vlad to drink her blood before dawn and removes his curse so that he will have the strength to save their son. Vlad is reluctantly drinking her blood. This triggers his final transformation into full-blooded vampire, giving him more power. He also releases the vampire from his cave, breaking the magic seal that was holding him captive. While he’s doing this the vampire summons black storm clouds to block out the sun. Vlad returns to his monastery and transforms the small group of survivors and wounded mortals to vampires, too.

In the Ottoman army’s camp, Mehmed prepares for a massive invasion of Europe. Vlad and his vampires, disguised by massive lightning storms, arrive and quickly massacre the terrified Ottoman soldiers. Vlad then goes after Mehmed who has taken Ingeras hostage. Mehmed conscious that vampires are less powerful due to silver, has covered the floor of Mehmed’s tent with silver coins. Vlad’s speed and strength similar to humans, and also impairs his vision. Mehmed then fights him with a sword made of silver. He defeats Vlad and plans to break his heart with an iron stake however, Vlad changes into a herd of bats, and escapes him. Taking the name “Dracula Son of the Devil” He kills Mehmed by impaling him with a stake and drinks his blood. Vlad then sends Ingeras away as his army of vampires preys upon him. He then removes the storm clouds to the point that the vampires, which includes Vlad himself, burn out and die in the sunlight. Vlad is revived by a man who had known his character before and has offered his blood. With Vlad presumed dead and Europe protected from the Ottoman invasion, Ingeras is crowned the new Prince of Wallachia.

Today, Vlad, now Dracula has a relationship with a woman named Mina who appears very much like Mirena on the streets of modern London. The vampire that cursed Vlad is watching the two from a distance. As they walk away, he follows, saying “Let the fun begin”.


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