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Stormbreaker Alex Rider is a 14-year-old schoolboy living with his uncle Ian and housekeeper Jack Starbright. Alex is shocked to discover that Ian is a bank manager. One day, Alex is told that his uncle died in a car accident However, Alex quickly discovers that his uncle was actually an agent of MI6 and was killed.

His uncle’s ex-employers Mrs. Jones and Alan Blunt of the Special Operations Division (MI6), then hire him. They explain to Alex that their uncle had been instructing them to be spymasters. Alex initially resists cooperating but agrees when they threaten to block renewal of Jack’s visa and have her deported. Alex is then transferred to a military-training camp in the Brecon Beacons, the headquarters of the British Special Air Service. Initially his fellow students are snooty due to his age however, he quickly earns respect from them due to the abilities he acquired from his unwitting training.

Smithers gadgets aid him in his initial mission. Every school across the United Kingdom will receive a super-powered computer system known as Stormbreaker from billionaire Darrius Sayle. MI6 is suspicious of his seemingly generous plans and dispatches Alex undercover as a competition winner to conduct an investigation. He is able to meet Sayle himself, as well as two accomplices Mr. Grin and Nadia Vole, and is shown the Stormbreaker computer in the action. Later, while Alex is dining with Sayle The shady Vole steals Alex’s phone and follows the SIM card to his house in Chelsea. She goes there and finds Alex’s real identity. While there, she is disturbed by the incident and fights Jack. Nadia escapes the scene after Jack defeats her despite being outclassed. That night, Alex sneaks out of his bedroom window to watch an unconfirmed delivery of containers that are delivered to Sayle’s cave.

The following day, Alex finds himself in danger after his cover is blowing. After attempting to escape from the prison, he is arrested and Sayle explains his true reasons for the release of Stormbreaker – – each system has a modified form of smallpox virus which, upon activation within the Stormbreaker release, will kill all of the schoolchildren in the country. Sayle departs with Alex tied and heads for the London Science Museum. Nadia drops Alex in a tank of water where he will be killed by the giant Portuguese man of war. But Sayle is able to escape with the iron-disintegrating spotcream supplied by Smithers. Nadia is then subdued by the jellyfish and the tank breaks. Alex is then able to ride on a Mil Mi-8 helicopter piloted by Mr. Grin, using a sodium pentothal arrow to win Mr. Grin’s trust. Alex parachutes from the helicopter and lands just when the Prime Minister is about to push the button to activate the computers. Alex employs a gun to shoot the podium, which destroys the button, and destroys Sayle’s plan.

Exhausted, Sayle flees to complete his backup plan. Alex and Sabina Pleasure, a school friend, follow Sayle on horseback through the London streets. 50 floors high on the top of one of Sayle’s towers, Alex reaches him and removes the backup transmitter. Sayle chases Alex and Sabina up onto the roof. Then, he hurls them off the roof using cables. Yassen is astonished to arrive in a helicopter to shoot Sayle (in much the same as he did Ian) but he is able to save Alex. Yassen tells Alex that Sayle has become an embarrassing for his employer and suggests that Alex should not think about him. But Alex insists that Ian’s death means that they are still enemies.

Alex goes back to school. Sabina and he talk about the incident and agree that it will never again happen. The film ends with a person watching Alex from the distance. This isn’t the end as Alex realizes.

Alex Rider: Operation Stormbreaker HD


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