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After during the Second World War, the word “head of the family” came to be synonymous with the notion of men’s fashion. At the time of the Cold War, men wanted to appear patriotic to appear as if they represented America in another country. The collars of shirts and suit jackets were also shorter and the ties and sleeves were not as prominent. Also, hats were shorter and the brims of hats narrower. Trousers remained mostly the same however they were of the latest appearance.

The ’70s were another decade of societal change for men’s fashion. Platform shoes, chunky sweaters and leisure suits were in fashion. The 1980s saw a variety of alternative masculinities were gaining popularity, such as androgynous and hipster as well as metrosexual and lumbersexual. In the 1990s, men’s clothes became more informal, trendy, and stylish.

The modern workplace lets men be themselves by their dress options. It is socially acceptable to dress in a fashion-conscious manner, provided that the style does not compromise the masculinity. Fashion for men is diverse and can include all types of styles, including hipster, lumbersexual and an androgynous. Men’s attire will vary based on his preferences, however it should be comfortable to dress in and appealing to the eye. If you want to look nice it is a must to have a nice pair of jeans, a button-down shirt, and a t-shirt are essential.

As time progressed, men’s styles also changed. Three-piece suits were popularized during the 20th century. These suits incorporated wide lapels, and waistcoats with high-rises. Collars on shirts were also lengthy and pointed, and neckties became broader. The result is that men’s style has changed to hipster, metropolitan, lumbersexual, as well as androgynous.

Today’s male style isn’t necessarily traditional. It’s actually more fluid than ever. Millennials are more likely to wear oversized shirts and oversized ties. Men can wear jeans with buttons-down shirts and jeans. lifestyle Man can also be considered a lumbersexual or hipster. The clothes of men are meant to reflect their personality regardless of age or sex. There are plenty of possibilities for diversity and creativity within the workplace.

Fashion trends for men of today do not differ much from those of previous. Though men’s clothing has been a subject of much controversy for a long time, it has become more easily accessible thanks to social media. Generation Y is encouraging women to display their uniqueness through clothes. The males have the chance to be confident about their appearance and be more confident about themselves.

Although men’s clothes are more complex than women’s however, it’s important they have good eye for details. In the first ten decades of the 20th century fashions for males became lighter and more simple. The dress code for the day consisted of an unibreasted jacket, with lapels that were narrow, pants as well as a shirt that had an open neckline. The club collar of the shirt was high over the one on the navy.


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